Recycle Bin in Windows 10 - How to Restore missing Recycle bin icon, & where is it located..

Recycle bin is an important component for most of Windows beginners, its also the area where our

deleted files are stored unless we used a shift+del combination, When we upgrade our PC from

previous edition,especially like Windows 7 most of us will naturally google or bing Recycle bin 

missing in Windows 10 after upgrading.

So,here is a post i wrote to explain how to restore the missing recycle bin icon on windows 10

anniversary Update and where is it located.

Where is Recycle bin located in Windows 10 ?

If you are searching for recycle bin location, you need to understand the fact, that is there is no

particular location for recycle bin it exists in all drives, but mainly on your primary drive.

How to Restore recycle bin in Windows 10?

Generally, the recycle bin icon is enabled by default, but it was not available in your Windows 10 PC,then you can restore the missing recycle bin icon in Windows 10 using the below steps..

1) Open settings

[Helpful link : How to open settings in windows 10]

2) Click on personalization


3) It will open a new window with options like Background,Colors, lockscreen,etc.. Find and click on Option called "Themes", which will be on the left pane.

Recycle Bin in Windows 10 - How to Restore missing Recycle bin icon, & where is it located..
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4) When you clicked, you can change some changes in the right pane as new options like Theme settings, Related settings will appear.

5) Click on the Desktop icon Settings Option

6) Now, it will open Desktop icon settings window, find and check the "Recycle bin" box

7) Click on Apply

8) Click on OK.

9) Close the Window.

Now, go to your desktop you can find the missing recycle bin icon, you can use this to open recycle 

bin in your Windows 10.

That's it..

You have done..👌