How to find or Check the Powershell version in Windows 10 [Updated]

Powershell the common tool that gonna replace our Command Prompt in Windows 10 Creators

Update have several features. I had already said, what is Powershell, how it is different from the

Command prompt in our earlier post [ you can check it here]. As far as my Knowledge it is

important to check latest version of Powershell and to update Powershell, because they constantly

making some changes like inclusion of Some Commands and finding easier way to run the script.

So, its very important to download or update powershell to enjoy coolest features. Though third

party tools provides great look it's still a safe place to stick with the one that comes with our

Operating System Windows 10.

How to Check Powershell version in Windows 10

We can check version of Powershell using Command or cmdlets, Which means we can check the

version of Powershell using Command Prompt, also we can check the version of Powershell using 

Powershell command.

[You can check the above Video Tutorial,if you have any doubts..]

How to check it?

Just follow the Below steps..

1) First Open Powershell

[Helpful link : What is the difference between Powershell and Powershell ISE]

2) After opening, type the following command on the box


(or) $PSVersiontable.PSVersion

You will find the PSVersion text, on its straight right hand side  you can find the version.

Since Powershell version in Windows 10 is 5 by default, you don't need to install powershell latest version( Which is '5' while writing this post).

That's it..

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