Pin app to taskbar in Windows 10 - How to [Updated]

Whether you are looking for how to pin app to taskbar or how to solve the problem cannot pin to

taskbar,(which means pin to taskbar is not working) here is an guide on how to do in windows 10.

In our last post, i had explained how to pin an app to start menu [Check it here], in this post i like to

show how to pin apps to taskbar in Windows 10.

Of course, there are many ways available to pin an app to taskbar or pin an app to desktop in

windows 10. But, some of it are complicated so i like to show only the couple of Ways you can use it.

How to Pin an App to taskbar in Windows 10 

1) First decide the App you wish to pin it to start..

2) Press Windows( logo) key on the keyboard or Click on the start button.

3) You will see some apps displayed there..

i) Scroll down and find the App you wish to Pin to taskbar

Pin app to taskbar in Windows 10 - How to [Updated]

ii) Right click on that app, you will see many options like Pin to start, More, uninstall..

iii) Select more, you will see some options like Pin to taskbar , Run as Administrator, Uninstall.

iv) Click on Pin to taskbar.

That's it..

You will see your App pinned to taskbar.

Cannot Pin an App to taskbar or Pin to taskbar is not working

If you came up with the above problem like can't pin app to taskbar, then you can follow some of the 

oldest methods that you may had worked while pinning an item to taskbar like in windows 7. 

OK, here is my solution...

1) Open the item or app you wish to pin to taskbar

2) When it opened, you will see its icon on the taskbar, for example if you wish to pin chrome to 

taskbar in Windows 10, then you can pin it by..

i) First Open chrome browser..

ii) you will see the globe like icon (the logo) on your taskbar..

3) Right click on the icon

4) Select Pin to taskbar

That's you're done..

Let me tell you a secret๐Ÿ˜‰, probably you may had already known.. 

You can pin the app or folder to taskbar by simply dragging it to taskbar.

Which means, just click on the folder or app on your desktop or shortcut, hold your mouse and drag 

it to the taskbar, you will see the app or folder now pinned.๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Like this, you can pin an app whether it is windows 10 laptop or desktop.. You can pin it to taskbar.

That's it..

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