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How to Unpin an App from start menu (or) Taskbar in Windows 10 [Updated]

Unpin an program or icon from start and taskbar - How to do in Windows 10 Creators update and so


In our last post, we had seen how to pin an app to start menu in windows 10, how to pin an app to 

taskbar in Windows 10 ( including an hidden trick😄) . Thanks to our reader Michael for notifying 

me to post how to unpin an app, program or in simple language the icon. What he did was pinned an 

app to taskbar and start menu, he did everything right, except one thing, he pinned the wrong 

program(which he doesn't want to do).Since he was a beginner, he asked me to post how to unpin an 

app from taskbar, which he thought could help many fellow users like us..

So, in this post let's see how to unpin an app from start menu and taskbar, unpin an program from 

start menu and taskbar, unpin an icon from start menu and taskbar ( Yup, they all are same terms and 

follows same procedure😊😊)

I like to say one thing, you don't need an software to unpin app from start. Also you don't need 

registry or group policy to unpin program/icon from start or taskbar. 

Just follow the below steps..

How to Unpin an program or icon or Application from taskbar in Windows 10

1) look for the app you wish to unpin from taskbar. on taskbar.

2) Right click on the item (app's icon) you wish to unpin on taskbar

3) You will see the App's name, Unpin from taskbar , Close window Option,

4) Click on the Unpin from taskbar Option.

Fact ! if you see Pin to taskbar instead of Unpin from taskbar, then you don't need to do anything, because your app is either already unpinned from taskbar or yet to be pinned.

That's it..

How to Unpin an program or icon or Application from start menu in Windows 10

1) Press Windows( logo) key on the keyboard or Click on the start button.

2) You will see some apps displayed there..

i) Scroll down and find the App you wish to Unpin from start menu

ii) Right click on that app

iii) It will display options like Unpin from start, Move, uninstall 

iv) click on unpin from start.

That's it..

You have done..✌✌✌

like these, you can unpin any app from start menu in Windows 10 laptop or desktop...

Hope it is helpful.