How to Pin App to start menu in Windows 10 [Updated]

What is Pin to start ??

If you are looking for what the Pin to start means, then i can say it is an option that exists in 

Windows, using which we can make a shortcut to our favorite apps and place it on a start menu.

This will help you to start your favorite apps right from the start.

How to Pin App to start menu in Windows 10

Here is an tutorial, to show how to pin an application to start menu of Windows 10.

Pinning an item to start menu is an easy process.

You don't need to download an app to Pin an app to start menu in windows 10, just follow the below 


 just follow my below steps..

1) First decide the App you wish to pin it to start..

2) Press Windows( logo) key on the keyboard or Click on the start button.

3) You will see some apps displayed there..

i) Scroll down and find the App you wish to Pin to start menu

ii) Right click on that app

iii) It will display options like Pin to start, Move, uninstall 

iv) click on Pin to start.

That's it..

Now,you can see the app on your start menu.,..

like these, you can pin any app to start menu in your Windows 10 laptop or desktop...