How to put Windows 10 PC to Sleep [Updated]

How to put your Windows 10 PC to sleep - Works on Windows 10 Creators Update, Windows 10

Anniversary Update, and other editions of Windows like Windows 10 earlier builds like Aug 2015

and Nov 2015 builds.

In our blog, we are explaining a great stuff but, some of our readers said, they are difficult to

understand as most of them are beginners. So in order to help beginners i had decided to first post the

basics stuff which will help them to understand when it comes to using powershell scripts and

registry edits.

So, one of the post that we gonna see here is how to put windows 10 laptop or desktop to sleep.

Look, there are plenty of methods available to put our Windows 10 PC to sleep.

But, since these guide is especially designed for beginners i like to point only the most easiest

methods of all.

Let's see how to do it..

Method 1 : How to put your computer to sleep in Windows 10 using Start menu

Again, as said earlier we can put our computer to sleep by many steps like browsing into settings or

we can use windows batch file or even using powershell script.,

Let's see one of the simplest form of  putting your PC to sleep Windows 10

1) Press Start button (or) Press Windows Key.

2) You will see the power icon..

3) Click on it..Now it will see options like Sleep,Shutdown and restart..

4) Select sleep.

That's it..

Pretty simple right?, here is another method..

Method 2 : How to put your computer to sleep using Alt + F4 keys..

1) Press Alt + F4 Keys on your keyboard.

2) It will close the current window,if any of them are already open.

3) Press, those keys until all windows are closed, you will get the windows logo with shutdown

windows window.

4) There will be a shutdown option.

5) Click on it,expand it..

6) You will see the "Sleep option" select it..

7) Click on OK /Hit enter

Bonus tip : You can also put our PC to sleep by pressing Windows + X keys -> Shutdown or signout-> Sleep.

That's it..

You have successfully put your PC to sleep.

You can use this method to put yours and your friends or neighbors or anyone's windows 10 desktop and windows 10 laptop to sleep.