Cannot start Firewall service in Windows 10 local computer [Solved]

Restart or fix firewall in Windows 10

Today, While i was configuring my PC to suppress some network related issues i was faced 

with an strange error.. The issue was with Windows Firewall, when i clicked on Recommended 

settings, it didn't change anything, in fact the option was not even grayed out, which made me 

to guess the error and as usual i tried my best go to method and it worked...

If you too are faced with such situation or even similar errors like cannot start firewall service 

error code 1068 or 1079 in Windows 10  ,then i hope the below method works for you too  you 

don't need to reinstall windows firewall ..

Just follow the Steps..

1) Login to your Windows 10 PC

3) Type the following Command


4) Hit Enter.

Wait,for the scan results to complete

5) Restart your PC

Method 2 : Start Firewall service Manually

Step 1 : Sign-in to Your Windows PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + R Key i.e Run Command.

Step 3 : Type Services.msc

Step 4 : Hit Enter.

Step 5 : You Will be taken to Services that Windows runs into Your System

Step 6 : Scroll down to Find Windows Firewall

Step 7 : Click on Windows Firewall Service.

Step 8 : Right Click on it And Select Properties.

Step 9 : You Will Be Taken To New Window.

Step 10 : Select Start to Start the Service immediately And Follow Next Step.

Step 11 : Click On StartUp Type  And Select Automatic

How to Start Firewall service using Powershell

The above methods will take you some time to figure it out, but you can start the service in a single 

step using powershell..

1) Open Powershell

[See : How to open Powershell]

2) type the following command - > Hit enter

Get-service MpsSvc

3) It will display the status of Windows Firewall,now run the following command

start-service MpsSvc


Restart-service MpsSvc

4) Restart your PC.

That's it..

Works on all builds of Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.