Download latest Windows 10 iso for free from official sources [Updated]

Download Windows 10 iso latest version directly from Microsoft site, is there anyway? asked my friend. So, in this post i like to share the direct download links of Windows 10 iso from Microsoft servers. 

What is Windows 10 and how it is different from other Windows editions ?

Windows 10 is an Operating System developed by Microsoft which will hit the floors on coming July 29,2015. Microsoft already Said that,this Windows 10 will be the last version of 

Windows,and it Will Only Sends Updates to the User instead of developing another version 

of Windows. Lets See about the Features that will feature in this brand Windows 10.

Windows 10 has most of the features brought from different versions of Windows, there are couple of new features too..

What's new in Windows 10 ?

  • A New Brand Start Menu - Taken from Windows 7.
  • Starts 10 times Faster Than Other Windows Editions.
  • Has the Best Security, than other Windows editions. 
  • The Brand New Microsoft Edge.
  • Edge May Replace Popular Internet Explorer[IE]
  • All in One Cortana( Next Generation Ready).
  • Best Multi Tabs - You Can Snap 4 Apps all at once
  • Best Virtual Desktop
  • Brand New Windows Store.
  • Pin not only Apps,But Also Playlists,Tools,etc...
  • A step forward to Artificial Intelligence - Your device Can respond What You instruct 
  • And The Xbox -For Those Who Loves gaming..

So, here we go. 

Download Windows 10 version, 1909 iso November update (x86 32Bit)

Download Windows 10 version, 1909 iso November update (x64 bit)

If the above links, doesn't work then follow the steps mentioned on this video for downloading and installing if you are a beginner (Youtube Video Link ).

Comment if you have any doubts.

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