Touchpad gestures in Windows 10 - The gestures that may help you..

Touchpad gestures in windows 10 - The most commonly used touchpad gestures that will work

Mostly/only on Windows 10.

Hi, friend welcome to our blog. In our last post we had seen how to enable hibernate in Windows 10.

Today, in this post let's see some of the customization windows 10  sports which will help in

simplifying the usage. When it comes to making our process simpler there comes usage of touch pad.

What is touchpad and where it is located ??

Touchpad are nothing but the mouse we are using in laptops. Windows 10 have a virtual touchpad 

in its Windows 10 Creators update. Which will help you to use when our touchpad fails( They are

designed for touch screen PC's),So it won't work on our normal PCs.

So, let's come to the main point..

Here are some of the touchpad gestures that you can use in Windows 10.

Note : The below touchpad gestures will work on any windows 10 laptop,(which means they are

touchpad gestures for windows 10 laptop.) and it was tested working on Hp laptop

When you want to scroll to the top or bottom of the page -> then Simply place your two finger on

the touchpad and move Vertically.

if you want to move the page to top, then simply place two fingers on the touchpad and simply move your hand upwards..

When you want Zoom in or Zoom out ->  Simply, place your two fingers on the touchpad and

pinch in or Stretch it out..

When you want to Select an item -> Simply tap on it...

When you want to show the desktop -> Place your three fingers on the touchpad and move simply

swipe or move towards yourself

When you want to open all windows -> Simply, place three fingers on the touchpad and move them

away from you.

When you want to Switch between Windows -> Simply place the three of your fingers and swipe

them either to right side or left side...

Remember, your PC should have touchpad drivers installed for the above tricks to work..

Else, you may say touchpad gestures not working in windows 10. So first install the touchpad

drivers then try it..

This are the most commonly used windows 10 touchpad gestures that you can use it on your

laptop or touchpad.

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