How to Open Rar Files in Windows 10 [ Tutorial]

How to Open Rar Files in Windows 10 [ Tutorial]

Though Majority of software and tools are served as an update on Windows 10, we still need an third

party software for doing some tasks, especially when we are in low bandwidth internet connection.

When our download speed is low or when we have only less volume of data left, we can't

download the great softwares on the internet as it is on original size. Most of us will recommend to

download an Highly compressed rar file to save our bandwidth, but the problem is we never said,

how to open those files.. And particularly if you are new to computer then it would be very difficult

for you. So in this post i'm gonna show how to open .rar files in Windows 10

What is a Rar file in Windows 10 ?

.Rar is just a format or extension that was made to convert or compress a large file for sending from

place to place like internet. Though there are ultra compressors like kgb compressor to compress 

files for Windows 10, .Rar files are best compressor used till now.

How to open .Rar files in Windows 10?

First, you must know the thing that Windows 10  doesn't have the Rar file opener( Microsoft Rar 

File Opener) by default.  Though it has .Zip opener by default, we don't know why they hadn't

included such option may be they may include in future builds.

Then, how to open .Rar files?

To open .rar files we need some help from free Rar file Openers or .rar file opener for Windows 10 like 7zip or Winrar on our

Windows 10 PC.

1) First download any of the following software by clicking on the below link..

7Zip or Winrar or Some Opensource if you have idea

Visit the above link and click download on the website ( follow the Onscreen instructions)

2) Install the program, if you don't know how to do it, just click Next , Next, Next, Next

Warning : Disconnect your Internet when you install. this is because, most of the above softwares

are open source they would trick you to  download some additional third party software from the

internet ( We can't assure they will always download the useful software) so it's better to look before

we leap( Prevention is better than cure,isn't it ?).

3) Now, after installing it will ask you to Select the Format's it want to integrate..

For example : If you are installing Winrar then it will ask you to choose some options like ISO, Rar,


Check all the boxes and click Finish.

4) Now, go to the file location you wish to open.

5) Right click on the .Rar file, it will display open, open with, sent to, Cut, copy and some other options, Click on Properties.

6) It will open the properties window, On that click on General tab( which will be the default tab when it opens,so don't worry).

7) You will see an option Opens With : and some text like Winrar or 7zip depending on the software you installed.

if you don't see any of those options, then you need to follow the below steps..

i)  Click on Change

ii) It will display the list of apps that support .Rar opener in your Windows 10 select the app you

just installed on your PC

iii) Click on Apply -> OK.

8) If you already see the .Rar file opener like Winrar or 7Zip then simply close the properties

window and follow the below steps.

How to extract the .Rar files in Windows 10

1) Right click on the Rar file.

2) You can see options like Extract Files or Extract Files using 7zip/Winrar or Extract files to "File name here"

3) click any one of the option for example "Extract files to "file name""

4) Wait,for sometime, you can see the new folder " On the name of the file" appearing on the same area.

5) After sometime, like 2 minutes open the folder that you see on step 4 and there you can find the extracted content there..

Note : The extraction time only depends on the size of the file, so it will take less than 10 seconds or

it can even take more than 1 hour, you can check its status anytime you want by simply clicking on

the application that performs extraction for example : you can view by clicking Winrar icon on the


That's it..

You had done.!✌✌✌✌

Hope it is helpful