How to disable hibernate mode in windows 10 [Updated]

How to disable hibernate mode in windows 10 [Updated]

Disable or turn off hibernate mode in windows 10 - that's what we gonna

see in this post - Works on Windows 10 Creators Update, Windows 10

Anniversary Update, and other editions of Windows like Windows 10 earlier builds like Aug 2015

and Nov 2015 builds..

In our last post, we had seen how to enable hibernate mode in windows 10, but it is best practice to

turn off hibernate mode when you are on low disk space..

What happens on hibernation ??

The process involved in hibernation is very vast, but i can explain in some simple words..

When we click hibernate our PC will save the current state of the process running on the device into

a system file called hiberfile.sys which will occupy a large amount of space when we perform

hibernation randomly. we can delete the file by using disk clean up  many of us who are beginners

are still unaware of the dangerous side of this hibernation that happens in low end PC's.So its better

to turn it off in Windows 10 when you have low disk space.

But, how?? You will only perform hibernation when you know the right step right? So, here i had

decided to show the way that will  hide the hibernation mode which can also be done using

powershell and command prompt...

Let's see how it can be done..

Just follow the below steps..

1) Open Control Panel.

[Helpful link : How to Open control panel in Windows 10 in different ways ]

Step 3 : Click on Hardware and Sound.

Step 4 : Find and Click On Change What the Power buttons do.

"the Option Change What the Power button do Will be Available under Power Options on right pane.

Step 5 : Click on Change Settings that Are unavailable on the Window that Opens.

Turn on or off Fast Startup in Windows 10

Step 6 : Clicking on it will enable grayed out shutdown settings..

Below the shutdown settings ,you will see various options like Turn on Fast startup, Sleep ,


Step 7 : Uncheck the Hibernate option check box.

Step 8 : Click on Save Changes..

That's it...

Now, visit again your start menu and Shutdown menu, you will see hibernation mode no longer 

available in windows 10