Review Your Computer Status in Windows 10

Review Your Computer Status in Windows 10

Review Computer status in Windows 10 or how to maintain System stability if you are a beginner , that's what we're going to see in this Post.

As the world is going very big, in terms of new tech lot of users are still very much confused and are unable to take important decisions when it comes to protecting the PC. If you are the follower of our blog, then you might have seen something like ransomware, Keylogger  ( which are nothing but the malicious tool that can be used against us by the harmful people to make money)and we had requested you to keep an eye on this, as there will be a big issue, if it was executed on lot of earlier posts.

We had also informed you to review your computer periodically. One of the blog reader, contacted me and asked how to review my computer status/ maintain PC and suggested me to write an small guide, hence writing this post.

When it comes to reviewing, you don't need to be an expert for that. Just focus on two things. Security and Maintenance tools. (Of course,  Security secures the top most position)


We have to use our Security apps once in a day to secure our PC at least whenever we connect it to internet.. The next question that people asks is What is the best antivirus that i have to install? I would recommend you to use the inbuilt Windows Defender as an antivirus for Your PC. As the product is developed by Microsoft, the one that designed Windows 10. 

You Must ask Questions like Will a Multi Billion Dollar Company Whose Product We Had Purchased won't have Security by default ? Or Would they leave us all alone to threats ? (Because If they left, then it will be a trust issue and reputation damaging issue for them, people won't buy their products, so they might fail if that continues, lot of Other things as well )  Before you decide to invest some dollars for antivirus next time...

#2. Maintenance :

The Next thing we have to worry about is maintenance. In Windows 10, by default all the apps are turned on. So it will start Maintaining Itself,i.e It Can Protect itself from Danger through Windows updates, so don't worry about this.


If everything fails, or if the situation is out of control then, we can ise Recovery For Performing Factory Reset of Windows.This Option should be Only Used for resetting Windows After an Virus Attack or Some other serious issue...

Check our previous posts for how to recover your PC if you faced that issue.

--Happy Learning :)