Setting the Account Picture failed.Please try Again Error in Windows 10 [Solution]

Hi Friend,Welcome to Our Blog,Sometimes While Changing Account Picture in Windows 

10,Windows Will Display Waiit symbol for long time And Will Display the Following Error.

"Setting the Account Picture Failed.Please try again " leading us a Big Disappointment.

So Here is an Solution For Fixing it.

Setting the Account Picture failed.Please try Again Error in Windows 10 [Solution]

Why this Error Happens ???

The Above Error Will be Because Of Many things like After installing Update or Changed 

Unsupported Image,etc.. Whatever it May be Here is an tutorial for Fixing it.

How to Fix it ???

There Are Many Ways to Fix it.But the Following is an Easy Way.All You Need to do is My 

Friend Just Follow the Upcoming Steps.

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + E Key Which is an Shortcut for My Computer(This PC)

Step 3 : On the Address bar,type the Following.


Setting the Account Picture failed.Please try Again Error in Windows 10[Solution]

Step 4 : Delete all the Images (Except any One for Backup)

Step 5 : Now Again Change the Picture(Open the Settings-> Accounts->Picture And 

Change the Picture.)

"Now,You Can  See the Image had been Changed"

If You Still Can't Change your Picture Make sure the image is 448*448 (or) its equivalent 


Don't Forget to leave us Comment if You Have Any doubts!!!...

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12 November 2015 at 12:09 delete

Nothing in the directory in Windows 10, still have the same issue. Unfortunately, your fix is a fail. Thanks though!

4 December 2015 at 10:16 delete

Hi,Hope the following Solution Will Solve Your Problem...Give it A Try And Let me Know Hw Far it Works...

Step 1: Login to Windows Administrator Accout...

Step 2 : Run Cmd As Administrator.

Step 3 : Type sfc /scannow and Press enter.

Wait,untill the scan completes,Once it Completed restart the Machine...

kindly let me know,if it doesn't Work...

12 January 2016 at 19:27 delete

i dont understand the last step... after step 3

12 January 2016 at 21:49 delete

HI Zrefys

Greetings,I hope the above steps work for u,could u clarify/breif a little where you face the problem?As per The above steps

You should not close the command prompt untill its finished.

What will it do :

It will fix/install all missing services in windows machine,by default it will ask you the permission/it will prompt u to restart the machine which will address the most of the issues

If you face anyother issues ,feel free to reply me in this forum,ready to help

Warm regards

7 December 2016 at 21:45 delete

Hi, I made both ways (the picture way and the sfc way) but I still can't change my account photo, do you have any other idea? Thanks :)

10 March 2019 at 02:45 delete

your solution of this problem is not working