Find Whether Your Device Supports Finger Print Authentication or Not in Windows 10

Hi,Buddy An Warm Welcome to our Blog,we All known that Most of things Are improved in 

Windows 10 And Some of our Favorite features Were Dropped. One of the Biggest thing 

improved in Windows 10 is Security.Yes,Microsoft Highly Focused on User's Security and 

Made it Possible by making a Step Forward for Future Like Biometric Authenciation and 

Finger Print Password,Etc on Windows 10.. 

So, here is An tutorial For to check whether your device supports Finger print authenciation or not...

You can even set finger print password by following the steps below...

For that You Need Finger Print reader. .

Enough Said,let's see how it can be done...

Just Follow the below Steps to Add Finger Print to Your Account...

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows PC.

Step 2 : Open Settings

[See : Easy Ways of Opening Settings]

Step 3 : Click on Accounts icon.

Finding Whether My Device Supports Finger Print Authentication or Not in Windows 10

Step 4 : It Will Open Your Account Window,Click On Sign in Options.

It Will display Picture Password,Pin,etc... Find Windows Hello.

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Step 5 : Windows Hello Option Will Be on Right Pane.

If You Can't Find Windows Hello,then Your PC doesn't Support Finger Print 

Password.Meanwhile,if you have that option then follow the onscreen instructions if you 

wish to set fingerprint as your password..

Note : You Can Connect Your Finger Print reader And Try the Above Steps for Enabling  

Finger Print Password.  

                                                   "Hope it Will Solve Your Question"