List user accounts available in Your Windows 10 PC

Find list of user accounts available on PC, that's what we are going to see in today's post. Hi,Welcome to Our Blog,My Friend.We can use command Prompt for a to z Windows 
functions which means command prompt can be used to find whatever we need in our 
PC. Here is an another tutorial regarding user accounts,This upcoming process can be done in many ways,But the following is the easiest way of all. When you run this command Your PC will show details about the list of users in your PC not only that, their user name, whether they can Change Password or not, etc.. Enough said, let's see the tutorial.

List user accounts in Windows 10 PC

Just Follow the Following Steps in Your PC.

Step 1 : login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + R Key,Which is Run Command.

Step 3 : Type CMD in it.

Step 4 : It Will Open A New window Which is known As Command Prompt,Type the 

Following In it.

wmic useraccount list full

list of User Accounts Available in Your PC

Step 5 : That's All After finding Close the Window.

The Above Command is Particularly Useful for Finding List of User Account Available in 

Your PC.

Try It in Your PC And Share Your Views!!