Change default App for photos in Windows 10

Hi Friend,Welcome to Our Blog. Photos Serves as A Key tool In This Modern World. Though There

Are Many Apps for Viewing Photos In Windows 10.But Unfortunately We Cannot Change Default

Apps In Windows 10 by installing other Apps,When You Done it It Simply Popups A Message

Stating Go and Change it Default App Section As the Company Stated that it is Focused on High

Security.But We Are Helping My Friend to Change the Default photo viewer App.Though Windows

Default Photo's App is Best of its Other editions,You can Change It According to Your Wish,For

Example It Can Be Replaced With  Picasa App or Other Apps. So Just Follow The Simple Steps to

Change Default Photo Viewing App in Windows 10.

Just Follow the following Steps...

Step 1 : Login to your Windows PC.

Step 2 : Go to Settings.

[See: How To open Settings Easily]

 Step 3 : Click on System.

Step 4 : Click on Default Apps.

"Default Apps Will Be Available As Second Option from Bottom.

Step 5 : Click Under Photo viewer Option.

[Also See : How to Enable Tablet Mode ]

Step 6 : It Will Open List of Apps That Supports Photo Viewing,Click On Any App You Need to


Change default App for photos in Windows 10

Step 7 : After Selecting Close the Window.

Step 8 : Open Any Picture,You May See,Windows Opening With Your Favorite Photo App.