How to turn On battery Saver in Windows 10

Hi,welcome to this blog.In This tutorial let's see how to turn on Battery Saver in Windows 10.

What is battery saver ??

Battery is One of the Most Wanted Thing in Laptops,Because Without Battery Our Laptop is

Nothing,and it should be saved for long usage.Windows battery saver does this task for

you,Whenever battery saver is turned on,it limits background apps that consume battery,making the

battery's charge to last longer..

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Enough said,let's see how to turn On Battery Saver in Windows 10.

By default,your Battery Saver Will Turn On When Your Battery's 

charge drops to 20 %.

Just follow the Steps Below to Change it

Step 1 : Login to your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Right Click on Desktop you Will See things like 


Step 3 : On that Select display Properties.

Step 4 : You Will be directed to Settings Option.

Step 5 : On that Select Battery Saver on left Pane, Which will be 

Usually available as 6 th option.

Step 6 : When You Clicked, your Computer Will display 

What's the Battery Percentage remaining and  its related other Options.

You can also see Windows displaying the battery Saver's Status,Which is Usually OFF until your PC

reaches the fixed battery drop status,which may be 20 % as Stated Above.

Step 8 : Click on Battery Saver Settings

Step 9 : When You Clicked,it Will Show When your 

Battery Saver Will turn On.

Battery saver in Windows 10

Step 10 : Adjust the Setting As Per Your Wish.

Step 11 : Set it to even 100 % for Better Savings.

That's it..

Note : You Can GO Directly to Battery Saver by Searching As Battery Saver on Cortana.

                                          "Hope it is Useful"

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How to turn On battery Saver in Windows 10
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