Change user account permissions in Windows 10 [Guide]

Change user account permissions in Windows 10 [Guide]

Change user account permissions in Windows 10 - how to ? that's what we're gonna see in this post. You can use this steps to change standard user account permissions to Admin as well as admin to standard user. Hi and Warm Welcome to Our blog,My friend in our last Article We explained how to create an User account in very easy way(Check Our Last Article Here) in this Article i'm gonna explain how to Change the User Account type in User Account.

Benefits of Changing User account Type..

When You Create a new local account,You are only provided with basic p
ermissions,but after changing your account permissions to Administrator,You can change some important Settings of your PC,can Change and run any app that ask for admin Permissions.

Usually admin Permissions are asked by Windows only if the App try to 
Change Settings of Your PC,Example : installling a New Music Player Will Replace System default Music Player Groove Music  Player,So if Some Settings Are Changed /Going to Change it Asks  Admin permissions,as Standard User May not be Aware of those Changes Made in Computer. 

How to Change ???

To Change Account type in Windows 10,all You need to do is Just Follow the 

following Steps... 

Step 1 : login As An Administrator in your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2  : Press Windows Key.

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Step 3 : Right Click On Your Account And Select Change Account Settings.

Change user account permissions in Windows 10 [Guide]

Step 4 : It Will Open A New Window,With Your Account as first option.Click On 

Family & Other Users Which Will Be as Fourth option in left pane.

Step 4 : It Will Open list of Accounts Opened in Your PC,on the Right Pane.

Step 5  : Select the Account You Need to Change.

Step 6 : Click On Account type.

Click on change account type

Step 7 : It Will Open A Window Asking you to Change/select Account type,With 

Standard User as Default,Scroll up and Select Administrator.

Change permission for user Account in Windows 10

Step 8 : Click on OK to Save Changes.

Close the window,You Will Be Provided Administrator Rights When You Logged 

on Again With the Changed Account ...

That's All you Have Successfully Changed your Account Type. 

Hope it is helpful.

Don't forget to comment if you have any doubts...

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