How to turn On and turn off Airplane Mode in Windows 10

Airplane mode is the one responsible for blocking all external Wired & Wireless 

communication to our PC,turning it On will block Internet and turning it Off Will reconnect to 

internet. Here is An tutorial for turning On and  Off Airplane Mode in Windows 10.

When it can be used ???

We can use Airplane Mode whenever we wish,but particularly While in Airplane.

How to Turn On /Turn Off Airplane Mode ???

There are number of ways to turn on & Off Airplane Mode in Windows 10.The Following 

Are the easy Way.

Warning : There Are dedicated Switches for Turning On and Turning OFF Airplane 

Mode in your PC.But it is Advised to turn Off it Only via OS as Some Apps may Turn 

ON Airplane Mode Automatically Without Notifying User.

 All You Need to do is just follow the following Steps in Your PC.

Step 1 : login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Open Settings.

[See : How to Open Settings]

Step 3 : Click on Network & Internet Icon.

Step 4 : Click\tap On Airplane Mode,Which Will Be on Left Pane.

Turn Off/On Airplane Mode in Windows 10

Step 5 : Slide it towards Right Side for Turning it On.

Step 6  :To turn OFF Airplane Mode slide towards left Side.

Note:You Can Also Turn on &Off By Clicking Network icon and Selecting Airplane 

Mode on Taskbar.

Turn Off/On Airplane Mode in Windows 10