How to enable full screen for Apps in Windows 10

How to enable full screen for Apps in Windows 10

In This tutorial lets see how to enable FullScreen for Apps.

Why to Use Full Screen???

Most Of Our Windows Apps Works best only on Full Screen,But Unfortunately Windows desktop

is designed as Normal View Which is reduced Size of Full Screen,But in Tablet Mode Full Screen is

Available as default.

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How to Enable Full Screen ???

Enabling Full Screen View is Simple.All You Need to do is My Friend,Just follow the Upcoming


Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + q Key.

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Step 3 : Type Store.

Step 4 : Select Store on the window.

Step 5 : Open Any App.

Step 6 : Click/tap On the Maximize icon.Which is located on the top right Side of the Window.

[Refer below image.]

That's All You Have Enabled full screen for that App.

To Restore Normal Window,Simply Press/tap the same icon.

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