Change Forgotten Windows Password Without Password Recovery Disk in Windows 10

Hi And Welcome to Our Blog,My Friend.Password is One Of the Most Needed thing for 

Protecting Our Privacy.Whether You Are An Professional or An Beginner,You Must Use 

Passwords for Protecting Your Privacy, though Passwords Are Now Changed to Bio metric's 

,Selfie passwords,etc Which Are Considered to be Next Level of Security,there Are 

People Who still Uses Password that Are Made by typing and others... But,the question is  

What if you have Forgot your Windows Password??? Simple You cannot Use your PC. but 

When Your PC is turned on(if it's in logged in state) You Can still Change the Password 

Which you Have Forgotten.

Note : You Must Be Signed in Already to your PC For this tutorial.

Step 1 : Assume,you Have Signed in,Press Windows + R Key.

Step 2 : Type lusrmgr.msc

Step 3 : It Will open A New Window with list of User Accounts in Your PC.Click On User 


Step 4 : Right Click On the User Account You Need to Change Password for...

Step 5 : Click On Set Password.

Step 6 : It Will open A Window Stating that you Need to Use this Only if You Have 

Forgetted your Present Password... ignore and Click Proceed.

Change forgetten Windows Password without Password Recovery disk in windows 10

Step 7 : Type Your New Password and Click On OK.

Change forgetten Windows Password without Password Recovery disk in windows 10

Warning : Clicking On OK,Will results in change of Passwords and Other user info Which 

Are Encrypted Will be deleted,So Don't Use this Unless You had Actually forgetted Your 


Now Your Password Have Successfully Changed Without Old Password... Enjoy!!!

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