New Mac Malware found to exploit Apple left unpatched gatekeeper bug might arrive very soon..

                     Though Apple claims, its systems are completely safe Security researchers continue to develop and break the protection shield everyday. One of the bug that will bypass Gatekeeper was released to public by Filippo Cavallarin last month, after he feels Apple doesn't care about that vulnerability was found to be used by hackers to develop new malwares.. .

What is Gatekeeper bug?

To say in simple words, Whenever you download a file from internet, this inbuilt gatekeeper mechanism (a security feature) will scan the file, and will not allow the file to automatically execute without your permission.

Cavallarin demonstrated (POC) how this can be overridden and make your system automatically execute the Malware on his blog (You can read POC here).

As soon as a bug that was left unpatched was released anywhere, there will be a group to develop the malware and ransomware to exploit those...

Security team at intego, has discovered 4 new malware samples that was found to use this unpatched bug in a different way.

Codenamed OSX/Linker this malware was found to use .dmg format (A common extension format used by all the Mac Apps) instead of Cavallarin demonstrated .Zip format. Making it very easier to spread. 

You don't need to Panic as of now, because this OSX/ Linker is still found to be in early development stage and was not yet found to infect systems. So apple might release fix for the Widespread.. 

You can read the complete post on their Official site.

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