Change icon size in Windows 10 [Guide]

Change icon size in Windows 10 [Guide]

Change icon size in Windows 10, how to ? that's what we're going to see in this post. Hello and welcome to our blog, Wish to change the size of texts, apps and other items and doesn't know because of being new User of Windows 10 ? Don't Worry we are here to help you. 

Just Follow Steps Below... 

How to change icon size and text size in Windows [Guide]

Step 1 : Open Settings.

[See: How to Open Settings]

Step 2 : Click On System.

Step 3 : It will Open Window Like in the Following.

Step 4 : With Customize Your display In Right Pane.

"You can also come directly to this page by right clicking on the empty area of desktop -> Display settings"

Step 5 : Move your Cursor After Clicking Below Change the Size Of text,Apps and Others.

Step 6 : Move Left Side if You Want the Size of text to Be Small.

Step 7 : If You want to make size of the text appear bigger then kindly move it to right Side.

Choose According to Your Wish And Close to Save Changes.

Logoff Your PC or Restart Your PC to Complete Take Effect.

If you want to change the size of only icons, then right click on the empty area of desktop -> Select view -> Small/medium/large based on your convenience.


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