Battery drains faster after installing windows 10[solution]

A lot of changes are Made By Microsoft in Windows 10. 

All these Will give Us a Pleasant Look and More Easy Way  of 

Using Windows , But What The Thing it Hurts the Most is in 

Laptop's And Tablet's,it Consumes Lot of Battery,Resulting in 

Charging after Charging Which will Reduce Our Battery life, Here 

is An Solution for Making the Battery Save Its Power For long 


First We Must understand What is the Main Cause, The Main 

Cause for Battery Consumption Is only Due to Running Of 

Background Apps,Though Some of Them  Had Provided  A 

Pleasant Look ,We Must Understand the Fact That They 

too Consumes Our Power so We Can disable it Whatever We 

don't Need, It Will Give Us An Extra Charge....

Just Follow the Steps Below to Make It Possible :

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + R Key Which Will Send Us to Run Command.

Step 3 : Type Services.msc

Step 4 : It will Open Number of Background Apps That Are Installed/ 

Used By Your System.

Step 5 : Click on Anything that are unneeded

"You Can Find Unwanted Services By Clicking And Reading its Description Which Will Be provided As Details On the Left Side.

Step 6 : Right Click On the Service, And Select Properties.

Step 7 : Select Disabled On the Startup Type.

Step 8 : Press Ok And Apply the Changes.

Step 9 : Close to Save Changes...

Like Wise You need to Disable the Unwanted Services,Which 

Will Boost Our Battery Time,i.e Prevents Our Battery From 

Draining Faster. 

Note:The Changes Will Take Effect Only After Next Restart,if You 

Need to take Effect From that Time You can Stop the Service,By 

Clicking Stop Which Will Result Us Preventing Battery Drains 

from that time 

Method 2 : Open Taskmanager.

  • Press ctrl + Shift + Esc,which will start taskmanager..

  • Find Background process that are running..

  • Right click on the process and select end task...

That's it..

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Battery drains faster after installing windows 10[solution]
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