Turn OFF Windows Notifications during Presentation in Windows 10

Presentation is one of the thing most of the Computer 

Users Uses,Unfortunately some app notifications may appear 

while we are doing some Presentations.But,don't worry Windows 

10 has an inbuilt Option to turn off such notifications while we are 

doing this presentations,What we need to do is Simply turn Off the 

Option,But How???

Just follow the Steps Below to accomplish...

Step 1 : Logon to Your Windows PC.

Step 2 : Open Settings.

[See: How to Open Settings]

Step 3 : In the Setting Option,Click On System.

Step 4 : It Will Open New Window with display as first.

Step 5 : Click ON Notifications & Actions Under display.

Step 6 : Look For "Hide Notifications While Presenting" option on 

the Right Pane.

Step 7 : Slide it to Left  Side for Turning it OFF.

That's All You Have done!!!There Will Be No More 

Disturbances during Presentations...

"Hope it is helpful"

Note : You Can Also Makes Windows 10 to Sense that 

Presentation is Running By enabling Quiet Hours Which can be 

done using Action Center.