Disable Automatic Windows Update in Windows 10 (100% Working)

Hello and welcome to our Site, Windows Update is the Most 

Annoying thing for Windows Users, and Particulary For 

Windows 10 Users ,This is Because,there is No Option to disable 

it as in Previous editions of Windows Namely Windows 

8.1,Windows 8 ,Where We Have An Option to 

disable it, In Windows 10 It is difficult as it needs 

some Additional Skills, But don't Worry this Blog is Created For 

Helping Persons like You,in an Easy way

Just Follow the Steps Below.

Step 1 : Logon to Your Windows PC.

Step 2 : Press Windows + R Key i.e Run Command.

Step 3 : Type Services.msc

Step 4 : Hit Enter.

Step 5 : You Will be taken to Services that Windows runs into Your System

Step 6 : Scroll down to Find BITS(Background Intelligent....).

Disable Automatic Windows Update in Windows 10 (100% Working)

Step 7 : Click on Background Intelligent Transfer Service.

Step 8 : Right Click on it And Select Properties.

Step 9 : You Will Be Taken To New Window.

Step 10 : Select Stop to Stop the Service At the Time,And Follow Next Step.

Step 11 : Click On StartUp Type  And Select disabled.


Step 12 : Press Ok and Apply Changes.

Note : The Above Setting is Mainly Designed for Transferring data 

in Background,If You Disabled This Setting Windows Update And 

Other MSN Services Won't Download Automatically..

Method 2 :Check the below video for disabling Only Windows 



Method 3 : Using Group Policy Editior.

We Can Use Group Policy Editor to Disable Automatic Updates in 

Windows 10. Note The Above Method Completely Works,but 

incase if the Above Method doesn't Work Try This...

Just Follow the Steps Below:

Step 1 : Logon to your PC

Step 2 : Press Windows + R Key, You Will be Promoted to Run Command.

Step 3 : Type Gpedit.Msc

Step 4 : Navigate To User Configuration.

Step 5 : Click On Administrative Templates Under User Configuration.

Step 6 : Click on System Under that.

Step 7 : On That Click on Windows Automatic Update Which is At last.

Step 8 : When You Click it Opens A New Window Named Windows Automatic Updates.

Step 9 : Click on Enabled .

Step 10 : Select OK and Close to Save Changes.


The Above Are the Best Methods to Prevent Windows From 

Automatically Download Updates in Windows 10.

Does it helpful ?? Share your views....   

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Disable Automatic Windows Update in Windows 10 (100% Working)
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