How to Create User Account In Windows 10

User Accounts play an important role while we use our PC.First if you don't 

know what it means then here is some information to give you some idea what 

it is all about..the thing it is pretty much similar to your social media 

account,but it has some different functions which make it differ from those 

Accounts.We need to create an User Account for using our PC.We are asked to 

Create an User Account While we Install windows especially windows 10,you 

may had seen the computer prompting you to enter your Name,password 

and a small hint for remembering your Password to recover in case we may had 

forgot that.The account you created was  

known as Local Account and it was provided with some Admin 

Permissions,which means you are Administrator of Your PC. But if you need 

another User Account you need to Create another account.Enough said,let's 

come to the main area..

There are two types of Accounts..

Microsoft Account - You Need Internet Connection for Signing-in.

Local Account - Doesn't Need Internet Connection for Signing-in.

To Create user account,you don't need to spend too much time..Remember 

there are so many Ways for Creating user Account,the following is an easiest 

way to do that,

just follow the following steps to create an user account...

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows.

Step 2 : Press Start Menu or hit Windows Key,Click On User.

Step 3 : Right Click on it to get Change Account Settings,Select it.

Step 4 : It Will Open A new Window,With A Picture of Yours On Right Pane,Click 

On Family & other Users/people.

"Family & Other Users Option Will Be As Fourth option in Left pane.

Step 5 : Click On Add Some one else to this PC.Which Will be on right Pane.

Create User Account in Windows 10

Step 6 : Enter Your Email Address If the Person You are going to Add has An 

Email id,else Click On The Person i want to add doesn't have an email 

address,And Also add a User Without Microsoft Account.

Step 7 : Enter You Name,Password,etc and Click Next.

Create User Account in Windows 10

Step 8 : After that,you Will See that Person Had been added in Your PC User 


Create User Account in Windows 10

That's All You Have Successfully Created User Account in Windows 10.

Hope it is helpful.

Comment if you have any doubts..

Thank you.