INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE Error in Windows 10 [Solution]

INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE Error in Windows 10 [Solution]

Hi,And welcome to Our Blog.Windows 10 Arrived About A month ago(When 

Writing this Article) And There Were lot of errors and Complaints About this

Windows 10 

Which Microsoft Needs to Fix it. One of the Error Which Makes People Worst is 

When You Reset Your PC.i.e By Clicking Settings->Update & Security-> 

Reset-> Remove Everything,Your PC Will Restart And After Some Restart and 

When it is Nearing Completion,Some PC Will Show Error Named Blue Screen Of 


The Error displayed By the Microsoft OS in Your PC Screen Will Be 

"INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE" And the Error Code Will Be like 0x78,. You 

are Asked to visit Microsoft Site For More details.

What is the Reason for this Error??

The Main Reason for this is, Your Computer Doesn't Access the Boot 

Device,Which Is Your Hard drive.i.e Boot driver that Runs Windows 10 Couldn't 

load its Driver 

A Necessary driver for Booting your Windows 10 Operating System.

The Following Will be Helpful in Solving this Error.

Solution 1 :

Step 1 : Get into Advanced Start up options.

Step 2 : You Can Get Into Advanced Start up options by holding Shift key and 

Pressing restart at login screen.

Step 3 : Click on Advanced options.

Step 4 : Click on troubleshoot->Start up Options->Safe Mode.

Step 5 : Press number 4 to enter into safe mode.

Step 6 : Login to your PCafter you enter into desktop,Restart again,then 

your PC Will work as normal.

If the problem still persists try one of the following steps...
  • First Determine whether Your PC is Supported to this latest version of Microsoft.

  • For Checking Whether Your PC is Supported to this  refer Your PC Motherboard Manufacturer Website  Example : Intel.

  • Check Whether Your PC has Configuration Capable of Running Windows 10.

[Check : System Configuration for Running Windows 10 for More Details]

[Also See : How to find Your System Configuration]

Solution 2 :

  • If Your PC is Capable of Running Windows 10,then you Can Remove Any Recent Hardware You have added to Your PC.

Solution 3 :

  • Get Access to Cmd (by Entering Advanced Boot Options,Selecting Repair Drive And then Cmd ) And type Chkdsk/f/r (Chkdsk Means Check disk).It Will fix if there is  Hard disk is Corrupted.

Solution 4 : 

  • Unplug Your Hard disk,Clean if it has any dust and replugg it and restart your PC Again.

Warning : This is Only Recommended for Experts and Not for Normal Users,As 

Improper Cleaning Will result in Permanent Hard drive Failure,So try at Your 

Own Risk.

Solution 5 :

If the Above All doesn't Work try Reinstalling Windows 10 Again.

                                       "Hope it Help Your Needs"

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