Change Quick icons Displayed on Action Center in Windows 10

Hi And warm Welcome To our Blog, Windows 10 is the Most 

Beautiful OS Compared to Its Previous editions, Most of the 

Features Had Been Changed in Windows 10 and  replaced With 

Brand New Thing And Features. One of the Thing The Notable 

Changes Made is Action Center, It Consists of Lot of Shortcuts 

Placed On Board,Like Tablet Mode,Quiet Hours,etc.

We Can Change the Shortcuts i.e Quick Icons in That Action 

Center. Here is An tutorial Regarding That. 

Just Follow the Steps To Change the Icons.

Step 1: Login to Your PC.

Step 2 : Open Settings.

[See: How To Open Settings].

Step 3 : Click on System.

Step 4 : Click On Notifications & Actions on The Left Pane.

 It is Usually Second.

Step 5: When You Clicked A New Window Opens.

Step 6 : Click On "Choose Your Quick Actions "

Step 7 : Just Click On the Icon And Change According to Your Wish.

Step 8 : Close to Save Changes.

Click on Action Center For Seeing Your Changes.

Don't Forget to Ask Us if You Have Any Doubts...