Display Desktop Icons on Windows 10

Windows 10 the best user friendly OS released on Windows 

history was different from other windows versions ,this is because 

Some of the things Are altered and Some Other are Repeated with 

Addition of New options.One of the thing that altered was removal 

of desktop icons as most windows editions will sport the desktop 

icons when they are installed.So here is an tutorial which shows 

how to enable/show icons on desktop. 

Just follow the Steps Below...

Step 1 : Login to Your User Account.

Step 2 : Open My Computer.

Step 3 : Click on Computer Tab on the Top.

Step 4 : Click on Settings.


Step 5 : It will open Settings app,Click on Personalization.

Step 6 : Now click on Themes


Step 7 : While on themes area, look for an option desktop icons on right pane. after finding click on desktop iCons.

Step 8 : It Will Open Desktop Icon Settings

Step 9 : Check Everything You Want to display On Desktop.

For Example: If You Want My Computer(This PC) to display on 

Desktop then Check on Computer,Similarly if You Want Control 

panel icon to display on desktop,then check control panel,etc...

Step 10 : Click on OK and Apply to Save Changes.

Now Visit Your desktop again to note the Changes....

That's it...

Hope it is helpful.!

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Display Desktop Icons on Windows 10
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