Display Desktop Icons on Windows 10 or How to restore Missing desktop icons in Windows 10 [Guide]

Desktop icons missing in Windows 10 or desktop icons disappeared from Windows 10, this are the complaints a normal user will rise as soon as s/he install Windows 10. This is because when this new OS was installed, all the desktop icons will be at different place except desktop, Microsoft might have taken this move to provide a smoother experience or we can say clean UI. But that's not going to help normal users. So here is an tutorial which shows how to enable/show desktop icons on desktop. 

Just follow the Steps Below..

Restore missing Desktop icons in Windows 10 [How to Guide]

[Video Guide]

Step 1 : Login to Your User Account.

Step 2 : Open My Computer or press Windows (logo) Key and E key Simultaneously.

Step 3 : Click on Computer Tab on the Top.

Step 4 : Click on Settings.


Step 5 : It will open Settings app,Click on Personalization.

Restore missing Desktop Icons on Windows 10 [image]

Step 6 : Now click on Themes


Step 7 : While on themes area, look for an option desktop icons on right pane. after finding click on desktop iCons.

Step 8 : It Will Open Desktop Icon Settings

Step 9 : Check Everything You Want to display On Desktop.

                                      Check Computer text box

For Example: If You Want My Computer(This PC) to display on Desktop then Check on 
Computer,Similarly if You Want Control panel icon to display on desktop,then check control panel.

Step 10 : Click on OK and Apply to Save Changes.

Now Visit Your desktop again to note the Changes....

That's it...

Hope it is helpful.!

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