Download Offline Maps in Windows 10

Download Offline Maps in Windows 10

Hi And Warm Welcome to My Blog ,My Friend.Maps Play An Great Role in Our Day to day 

life.In Olden Days, If We Need to Visit a Particular Place,we Should Enquire About that 

Area by communicating with People In Order to Calculate our Time,distance,etc...,But Such 

condition is Replaced By Our Computer and Mobiles,as we can simply Surf Internet to Find 

out that Particular Place that too,without getting any help From External Persons.But What 

if You Have Been to a restricted Area or forest Where You Cannot Surf Your Internet,And 

can't know how to Move(As you don't Know where You are in that Area) ???   Don't 

Worry,We Have A Solution for this,Yes We can use Offline maps in Our Windows 10.That too,has an advantage. Your PC/Mobile Saves Your copy of 

Maps Automatically and Will Update Whenever You Are connected to Internet,so you don't 

need to worry about worst cases.

Note : This is An Inbuilt feature So you don't Need Any Particular Apps. 

Sounds Interesting isn't it ??? Then Follow the Steps Below My Friend To Activate this...

Step 1 : Login to Your PC.

Step 2 : Go to Settings.

[See : How to Open Settings Easily]

Step 3 : Click On System.

Step 4 : When You Clicked on It Will Open A New Window With Display as First Option.

"Click On Offline Maps on the Left pane".

The Offline Maps will as Nineth Option from top And Will be Third from Bottom.

Step 5 : Click on Download Maps(Which Will Be under Download Maps to Search and Get directions.....field.

Step 6 : Select your Continent,Example :Asia.

Step 7 : Select the country,Where You  Resides.

Step 8 : And Pick up Your region And Select download.

Note : Downloading Maps Will Consume Your Bandwith Depending Upon Your Location.

It Will Start Downloading,After Finishing Your Maps Will Be Saved  Automatically For offline 



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