Make Start Menu Smaller in Windows 10 (or) How to resize Start menu in Windows 10 [Guide]

Make Start Menu Smaller in Windows 10 (or) How to resize Start menu in Windows 10 [Guide]

How to resize Start menu in Windows 10? or how to make start menu smaller in Windows 10? that's what we're gonna see in today's post.

What is the reason, why Startmenu looks bigger when compared to previous version of Windows?

You already know the answer, the Start Menu is pretty big in Windows 10, because of only one thing the apps Are pinned. Microsoft, made this so that it could make users more sticked with PC. But. that's not the way it always works right? Some like it but most hate it.. So, in this post let's do this..

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How to Resize Start menu in Windows 10 :

Step 1 : Login To Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Click on Start Menu And unpin the Apps.

You can Unpin Apps By Right Clicking on that App,And Select Unpin from Start.

Step 3 : Do it until All Apps Are Unpinned.

Step 4 : Now, hover your mouse to the end of the start menu and drag it to left as per your Wish. the more you drag,the More You Get Slimmed one. 

This is one way, i'm tired to do all this, is there any other shortcut to make start menu shorter?

This works on latest version of Windows Only:)

1) Press WIndows (logo) Key and I key together.

2) Navigate to Personalization > Start,and then turn Off Use Start full screen.

Note: this might sacrifice your live tiles, i.e Getting Notifications Of All Apps like Weather,Mail,etc..

How to add my computer to start menu or add this computer to Start menu?

Just right click on This computer icon and click on pin to start or just drag it to start.

That's it:)