Automatically Enable desktop,Tablet Mode While Signed in to Windows 10

Hi And Welcome to Our Blog, Tablet Mode is More Friendly 

Than Desktop Version in Windows 10 OS,But By default When 

You enabled Tablet Mode,You can Work On Tablet Mode Until 

You Sign out, And When You Sign Again And Enabled Desktop 

Mode, Your Windows 10 PC Will Automatically Switch To 

Desktop Mode, This Is Because Your PC Remembers What Mode 

You Have Worked Last.  But We Can Change This Setting To 

Make Your Automatically Switch to desktop Mode Or Tablet 

Mode When You Signed in Again,Without Remembering 

Whatever Mode you Have worked. So Herewith I Provide Tutorial 

For Making Your Computer to Work for You.

Simply Follow the Upcoming Steps... 

Step 1: Login to Your Windows PC

Step 2 : Open Settings.

[See: How to Open Settings]

Step 3 : Click On System.

Step 4 : Click On The Tablet Mode,on the New Window that 


"Tablet Mode Will be as Fifth Option in The Left Pane".

Step 5 : Click Below When i Sign in option on Right Pane.

Step 6 : When You Clicked It Will List As Follows.

To Make Your Computer to Automatically Switch to Desktop 

Regardless of What You Used Last time While You Signed in 

Select Goto Desktop Option.

Step 7 : To Make Your Computer to Automatically Switch to 

Tablet Mode Regardless of What You Used Last Time While You 

Signed in Select Automatically Switch to Tablet Mode Option.

Step 8 : Close the Window,After You Selected To Save Changes....

Thats All Folks!!!

Note : If You Don't Want to Make Changes Then Leave As it is...