How to enable and disable Super admin account in Windows 10 (or) how to turn on or turn off Super inbuilt admin account in Windows 10.

Hi And An Warm Welcome to our blog, Administrator Plays An Important Role in both PC 

and in real life.All the Things Can be Changed and Viewed by Admin in both Parts. 

Similarly in PC Admin Plays An Hero Role,You Can Change your Computer's Status,Can 

Customize and Alter Settings,and Much More... There are Lot of difference between 

Normal Administrator Account and in built in Administrator Account Which is Popularly 

known As Super Admin Account.

In Normal User Admin Account - Can Change And Access Settings but Are Restricted to 

System Properties.i.e., Cannot Change System Properties like Editing And Configuring 

System Files,When You Clicked on it Will Popup A Message Saying "Access is Denied "

In Super Admin Account - Can Change And Access Any Settings and Are you Are 

unrestricted from Changing Anything and Everything in Windows.

So to Enable Super Admin Account there Are Lot of Ways in Windows As in opening 


[See : Different Ways Of Opening Settings]

I Herewith Share An Easy Way for Enabling this Super Admin Account.

All You Need to do is My friend,to just Follow the following Steps in Your windows 10 PC.

Step 1 : Login to your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 :  Press Windows + X Key.

It will Open Many Features.

Step 3 : Select Command Prompt (Admin).

Step 4 : Press enter.

Step 5 : It Will open System Command prompt as Administrator.

Step 6 :  Type Net user administrator /active:Yes

Enable or disable Super administrator Account in Windows 10

Step 7 : Hit Enter.

You Will See your Super Administrator Account Enabled.

Note: If It Says Access is Denied,then the Possible reason is you Might Clicked Command 

Prompt and not Command Prompt(Admin).  

 To disable Super Administrator Account Follow Steps 1,2,3,4,5 and While in step 6

Type net user administrator /active:no and hit Enter.

Your Super administrator Account Will be disabled.