Remove "Add a program from CDROM or floppy disk" Option in Windows [How-to guide[

Remove "Add a program from floppy disk or CDROM" appearing in Windows that's what we're going to see in this post. This option will prevent users from installing the programs from CD-Rom and floppy disk and When the following option is set to enabled,i.e., turned on, Add a program from cd-rom option will not be displayed when you insert any CD-Rom to your pc.

How to do it ??

Alright, Let's see..

How to disable installation of a program from CD-ROM..

This can achieved Using local Policy editor which is a simple one, instead of doing registry tweaks..

To Access the Local policy editor, 

1.Press Windows + R Keys.

2.It Will display the Run Command 

3.On the Run Command,type gpedit.msc

4.A Windows Will Open, that Window is Known as Local policy editor.

Ok Now, lets See How to Enable This Feature..

After Completing The above Steps (i.e When You Are in Local Policy editor) 

Follow the Steps Below..

5.In Local Policy editor, Click on User Configuration

6.Then Navigate through->Administrative Templates->control Panel->Hide The "Add a Program from CD-ROM or floppy disk Option.

7.Click on Enabled and Click OK to Save Changes....

8. Thats all you have customized this feature Which Will Prevent the dialog box being appeared when we insert a Cd-rom.

Note: This Works Best On Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 only as tested...

If You Don't Like This Setting You Can Simply Disable this Setting by Clicking disabled or Not Configured in the Dialog Box that Appears...

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