Disable Automatic Update of Maps In Windows 10

Hi And Welcome to Our Blog. Though Windows 10 Consists of Great Features,It Effects 

our System In Many Ways And One of the Thing is Consuming Lot of Bandwith,Windows 

10 Added New Features like Offline Maps,Cortana,Windows Update Consumes Our 

Bandwith Pretty Large. So It is Advised to Switch OFF the Updates,And Other 

Components that Consumes Our Bandwith,This Tutorial is Related to One of that, Yes in 

this Tutorial Lets See How To disable Automatic Downloading And Update Of Maps... 

Though Maps Play An Important Purpose In Our Life,It Consumes Our Bandwith When we 

Need Some...So Lets see How to Disable that...

Just Follow the Steps Below To disable Auto Update Of Maps.

Step 1 : Logon To Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Open Settings.

[See: How To open Settings Easily]

Step 3 : Click On System on the Window that Opens.

When You Clicked on System It Will Open A New Window,With Display As First Option.

Step 4 : On That Select Offline Maps.

"Offline Maps Will Be as third option from Bottom"

Step 5 : It Will List Some Features On Right Side,on that Select  Automatic Update Maps.

Step 6 : Slide to Left Side to Turn It OFF.

disable Automatic Update of Maps In Windows 10

Step 7 : Close the Window to Save Changes...

That's All You have Disabled Auto Update of Maps...

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