Display all desktops in task bar of Windows 10

Hi And Welcome to Our Blog.Multi Tasking is One of the New thing and Best Thing Introduced in

Windows 10. Multitasking is Used to Show All Your Apps,Pictures,games,etc That Are Running in

Your PC all At Once.Windows 10 can be Used to show as Different desktops you Are Using,Which

Means You Can Run Games on Desktop 1 and You Can Run Music on Desktop 2 And So on. If You

Switch too one Desktop only Apps,Pic,etc running On That Desktop Will Be Shown and Others or

Not,Such A thing is Known As Multitasking. You Can Make Windows 10 to show Virtual desktops

on the Task bar to Make this,Just Follow the upcoming Steps.

Step 1: Login to Your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2 : Open Settings.

[See : How to Open Settings Easily in Windows 10]

Step 3 : Click On System.

Step 4 : It Will Open A New Window With display As First Option,Click On Multitasking.

"Multitasking Option Will Be Available As Fourth option,.i.e After Apps & Features.

Step 5 : Find  Virtual desktops,Which Will be On right Pane.

Step 6  : Select Under On the task bar,Show Windows that are Open option.

Step 7 : It Will Be As only the desktop i'm Using in default,Slide down or above at this Option and

Select All desktop option.

display all desktops in task bar of windows 10

Step 8 : Close the Window.

" Thats All You Have Successfully Made Your Windows to Show All desktop that Are Running in



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Display all desktops in task bar of Windows 10
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