Boot into Advanced Startup in Windows 10

Boot windows to advance Startup in Windows 10, that's what we're going to see in this post. Windows 10 has a predefined recovery option known as Advanced system Options where We Can Recover Our PC if Its n't Working Well.

What does Advanced Startup Options Contain ???

It Will Contains the Following items for Recovery Your OS.

  • System image Recovery.

  • System restore.
(See : How to Turn On System Restore in Windows 10)

  • Boot from a disk.

  • Command Prompt.

And lot More...

So here is a tutorial for Enabling and Booting to Advanced System Options From 

Windows 10.All You Need to Follow the Upcoming Steps.

Step 1 : Login to Your Windows 10 Pc.

Step 2 : Open Settings

[See : How to Open Settings]

Step 3 : Click On Update & Security.

Step 4 : Select Recovery on the Left Pane.

Step 5 : On the right pane look for Advanced startup.

Steps to Boot to Advanced Startup in Windows 10

Step 6 : Click On Restart Now.

Warning : Clicking On restart Now Will Restart Your PC immediately,So Kindly Save Your 

Work,As Unsaved Apps,Settings,Files,etc.. Will be lost. It is Advised to Save Your Work 

before Continuing....

That's it...

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