Hide recent files from quick access in Windows 10 [Updated]

Hide recent files from quick access in Windows 10 (or) how to hide recent files from appearing in Windows 10 (or) How to remove recent files in Windows 10, that's what we are going to see in this post.

What is Quick access ?

Quick access is not a new concept, as the name suggests its a way included to quickly access the recent files.

How to hide it ??

Just Follow The Steps Below.

Hide recent files from Quick access in Windows 10 Latest version.

Step 1 : Login to Windows

Step 2 : Go to Settings.

[Click to See : How to Open Settings] 

Step 3 : Click on Personalization.

Step 4 : On the window that opens,Click on Start 

Step 5 : The Start will be Located at Left Pane as Last option or 5th Option.

Step 6 : On your right hand side,click on "Show Recently opened items in jump lists on Start or the Taskbar"

Step 7 : Turn Off it By Clicking on it.

Step 8 : Now You Can See the Recent files Are Not Stored in Quick Access.

If You Wish to Show Recently opened items , Then Simply Follow Steps 1,2,3,4,5,6 and While On Step 7 Again Select on to Save Changes.

If you are on latest version then press Windows key and on the search bar type jump list -> then follow step 7

That's it...

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