What is Control Panel ???

Hi And Welcome to Our Blog,in this Article I Will Explain What 

is Control Panel And What Does it is Created for.... As The Name 

indicates,Control Panel is thing Used to Take Control Of Your 

Computer Setting... You Can Use this Control Panel For Setting 

Things to Your Computer,i.e Tuning Your PC.Using This Control 

Panel,You Can Change/edit the Following Things...

[See : Different Ways to Access Control Panel in Windows 10] 

Control Panel Consists of Following Things ,No it is Best to tell 

That you Can Change the Following things in Control Panel.

You Can Review your Computer Status In Control Panel.

 [See : What Review My PC Status Do??]

Turn On File History or Off File History.

File History Option is Used to Back Up Your Files Before 

Damaged By Virus or Malware or Something Else..

[See : File History Step By Step Tutorial]

Stop Windows from notifying About UAC.

User Account Control Settings Are Designed for Keeping Users to 

Control Themselves their PC if they don't need Microsoft Support.

[See : How to Change UAC settings So that Windows Won't Notify You While Installing Apps]

You Can Update time With Windows timeserver.

[See: How to See Update time]

You Can Change Date of Your PC.

[See: How to Change date]

And More ....

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What is Control Panel ???
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