Replace Command prompt (cmd ) with Powershell in Windows 10 [Guide]

Replace Cmd(Command Prompt) with Powershell that's what we're gonna see in this guide.

But, before we replace cmd with powershell in Windows 10, i guess it would be good if i say why we have to replace this or What is first Powershell means..

Here, we go.. Answer to What is Powershell in Windows 10 ?

Powershell is one of the best tool we can use to reprogram our windows System. It 

is nothing but the script like environment used in Windows system instead of regular Cmds(Command Prompts). We Can Use Powershell for editing the scripts of 
Windows Files,Registry Files and Lot More.... 

One main advantage of powershell is ,it is very different from Window's basic Command prompt,We can achieve some tasks Which are not even to possible to run using CMD by using powershell.

Which was introduced in the Windows XP era, It became popular in Windows 8 Period 
as they are served inbuilt in Windows PC's.Of course, Powershell is particularly useful for Programmers and IT Professionals as it supports both Linux commands and Windows commands. So, if you know Linux then you can use your default commands like man, rm etc commands using Powershell.

How to replace cmd with powershell ??

Below are the steps to Replace Command prompt With Powershell in Windows 10.

Just Follow the following Steps ... 

Step 1: Right Click on TaskBar

Step 2: Select Properties.

Step 3: Go to Navigation Tab in taskbar and Startmenu Properties.

Step 4: Check on Replace Command Prompt With Windows Powershell in the 

Menu When i Right Click the Lower-left Corner or Press Windows +x Key.

Step 5: Click OK 

Step 6: Click Apply to Save Changes.

Step 7: Thats all Your Command Prompt Was Successfully Replaced with Powershell.

That's it...

If you want to replace powershell with CMD then do the same steps vice versa.

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