Instagram launches new feature to prevent Online bullying !

After launching Age verification process past week, Instagram is back to action this time against the Online bullying. The company announced that its launching a new feature that will asks its user to reconsider the captions before they post if its AI deducts the caption to be Offensive.

As part of our long-term commitment to lead the fight against online bullying, we’ve developed and tested AI that can recognize different forms of bullying on Instagram. Earlier this year, we launched a feature that notifies people when their comments may be considered offensive before they’re posted. Results have been promising, and we’ve found that these types of nudges can encourage people to reconsider their words when given a chance". 
the company said in its post.

Instagram launches new feature to prevent Online bullying !

So, next time when you are going to post something that is Offensive, then beware! The AI will ask you to re-edit the post, if you fail to do so then your account might be disabled for a particular period of time.  

This feature is launched only for selected countries as of now, we're not sure when Instagram will launch to other countries but they had promised it will be rolled out in the coming months.

Finally social media is going social :)

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