Find System specs or configuration in Windows 10 [Any Version] [Howto guide]

How to find system configuration in Windows 10?

                 This is the question my friend who bought a new Laptop asked me. I was little bit surprised when he asked me, that strange question "Dude how can i check system configuration in Windows 10?" Even though i don't know the exact reason why he asked that question i guessed he seems to have asked just to confirm whether the Specs that the shopkeeper said matches with the one that was on his system or not. though at first, he said he just asked me to know about this, he later agreed that he asked me only for the above reason.

I asked him to google it or bing it. But he can't find the exact result that added much surprise to me. Then i realized the reason for that was windows 10 being new OS and there are very less tutorials available on the internet which directly says, the point without confusing users. Hence i decided to write this separate post on how to find system specs in Windows 10 which will work for any build version. So, keep reading if you are on similar kind of issue.

Do you need any Software to find System configuration in Windows 10 ?

No, that might be the answer from me. Because we can find the System info our PC without any software in easy steps without any utility.

There are many ways, i had sorted as best as I could for beginner's to understand. 

Just Follow the Steps Below...

Method 1: Using Run command to find System configuration.

Step 1: Open Run Command By Pressing Windows Key + R Key.

Step 2: Type "msinfo32" on it.

Find System Configuration in Windows 10 [Any Version] [Howto guide]

Step 3: Press Enter/Click OK.

You Will Get Your System Configuration.

Method 2: Using Control Panel

Step 1: Goto Control Panel.

[Click to See : How to Open control Panel]

Step 2: Click on  System.

Step 3: You Will Get Your System Configuration.

Method 3 : 

Step1: Right Click on This PC.

[ Click to See: How to Make Windows display This PC icon on desktop]

Step 2: Click on Properties.

Step 3: You Will Get Your System Configuration.
Find System Configuration in Windows 10 [Any Version] [Howto guide]

The Above are the easiest methods using which,we Can find  System Configuration of Our 


                                                      "Hope it is helpful"

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