Way to disable Swipe in Windows 10 ?? [Solved]

Way to disable Swipe in Windows 10 ?? [Solved]

How to disable swipe in Windows 10 ..

Swipe is the feature that exists on Windows 10. We can use this swipe option for many things, for

example: when we need to move something from one place to another, all we need to do is to just

place our fingers on the touchpad and move it slightly..

This is an useful feature but many of us don't like it, because it will interfere when we do some

important work.. So, if you are searching for a way to disable the swipe then, here is a method that

worked for me...

Do i used any softwares ?

No, i hadn't used software to disable swipe in windows 10..

Then, how did i done that?

I had just changed an option in Settings..

Just follow the following steps..

1) Press Windows Key

2) Type Mouse

3) Select the top most result "Mouse" control panel

4) Clicking on it will open "Mouse Properties" Select Device settings tab

5) when you clicked you can see " Profiles", " Disable" and "Settings" tab.

6) Click on Settings tab.

Now, it will open your Properties, for example : Properties for Synaptics Touchpad V7.5 on PS/2


7) On the left pane, you can see various checkboxes like Multifinger gestures, Pointing,etc..

8) Find a checkbox called EdgeMotion or else

Expand Pointing section by clicking > icon, you will find "EdgeMotion" option

9) Uncheck the edge motion or similar box start with edge checkbox (Simply click on the box, to

remove tick mark)..

Way to disable Swipe in Windows 10 ?? [Solved]

10) Click on OK.

11) Again, Apply -> OK.

12) Close the window..

That's it..

You will see your swipe was on disabled...

Updated on JAN 27,2017

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