India VS England 1st ODI 2017 Results - Kedhar Jadhav and Virat Kholi heroics help INDIA Win

One of our blog reader from INDIA, requested a update on the cricket match that took place between

two great teams India and England. So, here i present the results of ind vs eng 1st odi 2017. We 

know that this match was the first match for Virat Kholi as Captain after Dhoni resigned the captain 

ship few days back..

Right from the start, this match seems too be little tough for both the teams, because England team's 

batting order seemed to be in top form, despite Indian bowlers effort to control them they made a 

challenging score of 351 for INDIA to win. 

The top contributors for England team were Jasan Roy, Joe Root, Ben Stokes they got their fifties 

and got out in 73, 78, 62 respectively.

Setting an nearly challenging total to win, the host experienced serious wicket loss right from the 


INDIA VS England 1st ODI 2017 - Kedhar Jadhav and Virat Kholi heroics help INDIA Win

INDIA seems to lose at one point, as all the batsman like Rahul(8), Dhawan(1) ,Yuvaraj Singh (15), 

Dhoni(6) went pavailon leaving the team in misery. It was Virat Kholi(122) and Kedar Jadhav(120) 

who took down failing INDIA to the total that can be chased..

Those two persons scored  successful centuries one after other. Particularly Jadhav really played well 

with an attacking style batting with supporting Kholi at the other end..

It seemed this match could be won with 5 to 6 overs spare, but god luck again went back to England 

side as they took the wickets of these two great batters leaving INDIA back again to struggle..

But, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, realized the seriousness of the match and played some 

awesome cricket, Jadeja got out for 13, but Ashwin later joined Pandaya and contributed some runs 

that yielded victory to INDIA by 3 wickets.