directx 9 for windows 10 - How to download directx 9 for windows 10 [Guide]

directx 9 for windows 10 - How to download directx 9 for windows 10 [Guide]

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If you are a long time user of Windows 7,then chances are that you might not like Windows 10. This is because upgrading from windows 7 or xp to Windows 10 brings more trouble particularly for Gamers. you may had encountered a problem of our old games not working on windows 10, this is because of a common error called direct x problem. So, here is an post that will help you to fix this error.

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You must remember one thing, Windows 10 has the latest direct X version, the next question that

may arise on your mind could be then, why my games hadn't worked?? well, here is the answer for


At first, i thought it as an nonsense, because how can a game can't detect the latest version or why

latest version of directx doesn't have directx 9 code...

But, (being myself a developer) later i realized it was just because of the code..

Our games were coded with direct 9 in mind ( because they are the latest version at the development

of game), so when that game was installed on your system, as per its code it will automatically

search for directx 9 in the system, if there was such thing, then it would run it, else it will ask you to

install and later run the game..

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Here, is a visual representation how the game could have coded after such process starts..

look for directx version -> is it directx 9 ? -> No,the version shows directx 12 -> So, there is no

directx 9 on this version -> OK, Alert the user to install it and exit the code..

The above could be the possible code / working method of the game...

OK, So the issue clearly shows the outdated is the main problem, so installing that direct x will solve

the issue..

1) First, visit the below link..

[Link to visit]

2) Select, your language..

For example : English

directx 9 for windows 10 - How to download directx 9 for windows 10 [Guide]

3) Click Download

It will begin to download... Just install the program and run the game again, you can see the game

works now..

That's it...