Windows 10 build 15002 ISO Offline Images download - Here is how you can download Windows 15002 build ISO files

Windows 10 build 15002 ISO Offline images ? you may think i'm just joking, because we won't get

the offline images when it was released for Fast ring.,it's pretty common!. Since most of us being 

Windows lovers and expecting to test What they have included in this Windows Insider preview 

build 15002, we can't leave it as it is right .? So here is an solution for you to taste the build..

I got a link for that when i was searching a way to download this Windows 10 creators update 

preview 15002 ISO, which was finally released after it was leaked.

This link was in a public domain Cloud mail an Russian site,So we are free to use those files..

[Note : I don't know who uploaded those files, i guess it was WZTCAT because, that name was 

inside that drive.. Anyway, i like to thank those persons who uploaded this files..Thanks friends!]

But, there is an limitation😲,all those files are in the form on ESD.

ESD in windows is nothing but the file that was much similar to .Wim files. I don't like to confuse 

with those detailed stuff..

Just assume that, ESD files are just a compressed version of Wim file( Ofcourse, they are!) Microsoft 

will deliver those files for insiders via update, just because of they are compressed, encrypted and 

more faster to transmit to client systems..

OK,Enough intro

 here is the main stuff..

1) First, visit the below link..

2) There will be a lot of files there, download your language esd file.

Windows 10 build 15002 ISO Offline Images download - Here is how you can download Windows 15002 build ISO files

for example : 


There, en-us represents US English version, and x86 represents the 32-bit of Windows 10.

3) Like that, find the ESD file you wish to download. (just click on the item it will popup the item's full name)

4) Now, after downloading, you need to build that into ISO File..

For that follow the below steps..

5) Download the ESD Decryptor tool

It was just a tool that is free, thanks to the developers of that github team👏👏.

6) Now, after downloading the decryptor tool, extract it to any folder.

7) Now, move the downloaded ESD file to the same location (just cut/copy paste)

8) There will be a software called Rebuild bat file inside that ESD decryptor's extracted 


10) Press 1 on your keyboard to create ISO file.

Wait, for sometime and enjoy your ISO file..

You can use this ISO file to install Windows from beginning / clean install windows 10 on 

your machine.

That's it..