username in Windows 10 - How do i find my username in Windows 10 [Solved]

How do i find my username in Windows 10 - that's the question asked by an user on our YouTube

Channel. Even though username's are the one that we give while we sign in to our PC, sometimes we

may forgot about, what's my username in windows 10 ?, and in particular if we are beginner's.

So, in this post let's see how to find username in windows 10.

Do we need any software ?

No buddy, we don't need any software..

then, how to find it ?

There are many methods available to find our username in windows 10 (which is essential when you

decided to change username in windows 10 PC) We can find our User name using Powershell, 

Command Prompt and So on..

But, here is an easiest method to find username on windows 10

Just follow the Steps below..

1) Press Windows + I Keys

2) Click on Accounts

3) Select Your Info

Now, you had arrived at your destination, look on your right pane..

You will find your user name there..
That's it...

But, if the above method doesn't work, then i guess you might be using latest version of Windows 10.

You can still find the user name by

Pressing Windows (logo) and R Key simultaneously -> Type Control ->Hit enter.

Select User accounts -> you can find the info there.

Hope it is helpful.

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