Don't fall for Windows + R and CLSID Scam [Microsoft Phone Call ] ! - It's back Now

Whenever, if you received a call from Microsoft then file a complaint on your nearest cyber criminal Wing ! Because Microsoft will never ever call you..

If you had picked up a phone call from unknown people and they said they are calling from any of

the following Microsoft teams like

Windows Helpdesk , Windows Service Center, Microsoft Tech Support, Microsoft Support,

Windows Technical Department Support Group or Microsoft Research and Development Team

(Microsoft R & D Team) then be careful, because Microsoft will never make a call to you,

In a recent article i read today, there was a news about the Phone Scam that was back ...

Here i like to share how they will and what they usually do when they said, they are calling 

from Microsoft...

First, they will call you and will say ," Hey we are from Microsoft or We are the workers of

Microsoft, we had tied up to Microsoft in solving their customers problems, So/since you are a

customer of Microsoft we had called you to fix a issue we had seen on your device...

Then they will say some thing to make you believe them, that they are really from Microsoft...

Here are the usual techniques they use...

1) First they will test whether you know something about computers like asking you to press

Windows + R Keys together, (which is our usual Run Command screen..) or to open CMD. they may

ask you to say what the screen you got,etc..

When they asked you to do this, then you can confirm, it was just a scam call.

How they might be tricking you to believe in other ways are like, 

 They will ask you to press Windows  + R Keys and then Type CMD in the box and then hit enter.

(When you did, you will get command prompt..👱)

They will again, ask you to type assoc and hit enter...(

(When you did, you will get the list of programs extensions and what programs are used to open for)

What their Plan was to just fake they are from Microsoft, they will ask you to scroll down..

They will say , they are going to dictate a  Customer ID of you, and that was unique meaning it was

assigned only for you...

They will say, the CLSID exactly the same as yours..! That was the tricky part alarm yourself..!

you may ask, how can they say the exact number of mine through Phone ?, Surely they must be from


if you thought/said like that then, you're wrong..

CLSID is not meant for Customer,etc stuff it means Class Identifier ( I don't want to confuse you the mechanism behind it, just assume it as some part of registry..)

It will be same for everyone.. If you doubt, then fire up your CMD and type assoc and hit enter i

bet you will see the same  888DCA60-FC0A-11CF-8F0F-00C04FD7D062 as your CLSID..

Since i had said, your exact CLSID, does it means i'm from Microsoft ?? NO, as said earlier, you can

try on any 'n' number of systems, you will get the same number...

   Those people will use popular screen recorder tools like ammy, teamviewer,etc.. They might had got your name or number through any public directories or some hacked/ leaked sites..

So, my advice would be...

Don't be a victim to such cases, because Once they gained access to your PC, then they can get

anything from you whether you give permissions or not, they can do anything on your computer      

for example : they can access your Credit card details, some passwords, etc..

Even they were not at the time, they can initiate a simple keylogger( the program that will capture

every key the user presses, and will send back to the one who sent it to your device) to capture your

Keystrokes and access them later, which they can use it for any purpose like selling for high profit or

they can use it even against you ( like purchasing some thing through your credit card)...

So, don't lose your personal information to such scams that ask you do the things like say the text

that appears on your pop up or press windows + R, CLSID, or eventviewer tasks... Hang up the call

immediately when they said, they are calling from "Microsoft or its related companies"

“Remember, Microsoft will never proactively reach out to you to provide unsolicited PC or technical support. Any communication Microsoft have with you must be initiated by you.”