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Google brings new feature to google Android App- now you can search with no internet connection

Many of us love Google Products, because they constantly improve and make new things. In a blog

post published by Google, the search giant says, it is bringing a new feature to Google App running

on Android device. This new feature available in the form of Update will allow the users to use the

search services without internet connection.

Reading on their Post, i like to share the whole post in a short way for you to skim without wasting

your time, just continue reading..

When we are moving towards some areas that have low connectivity like tunnel, we may experience

Connection issues right? so Google had planned an solution and bringing it to their users.

How this feature will work ?

When we search for a particular location , our smartphone will communicate with the

servers and will collect the necessary info. This new update will allow the app to guess what/ where

the user is moving to and will automatically download the area before connection is lost.

It will also alert the user when he/she is back again Online.

The following shows how it is done by Google App.

 Mr. A is moving to Abc.. !, Oh no ! he may experience connection problems when he reach there

 So, i'm downloading Abc's on my Mobile.

OK, i had downloaded.

User passes the location - > OK, i got Connection, let's alert the user..! ->

Notification appear on Phone.✋

Like shown in the above , this feature was programmed..

"Google also says, this feature will not drain User's battery even though it performs 

background activity."

Cool feature right ?

yes, this may be coolest feature, but it too have some disadvantages with Privacy issue as biggest...

Since even a Algorithm/machine can predict and deliver where the user is moving to,? then how we can expect our Privacy is protected is just a sad question that already have some answers as per many.

Long live future..


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